Reality Puzzled


Cabot Joiner

Having done the screen grabs for the Cabot circus footage and joining them together, having experienced difficulties with time, with the stabilizing and rendering, i have decided only to use half of the footage i initially planned to, which was over 30 individual clips for this scene. It would have meant i would have had to have 30 separate video tracks, to save time i am also cutting this scene down from 1 minute to 20 seconds.



Photoshop edits, and background templates for premiere


Above is the Photoshop process of creating a still image joiner from screengrabs of the footage

Below is final still image joiner, that will be used as a template/guide in premiere for positioning the clips.


Here is another example of the process, using the Hyde park footage


Above Photoshop edits

Below, final joiner to be used as background template in premiere, each image has the title of the clip, so i know which clip needs to be positioned whereHYDE-PARK-STILLIMAGE-JOINER