Reality Puzzled


Synopsis of saras project

Saras project explores the way the nature of photography and capturing photos has changed, through social networking and high quality photographs from smart mobile phones, everyday users of digital media, can upload the everyday world in an instant, share and spreading photographs and images. This topic looks at how technological and social change go hand in hand, as in contemporary society one affects the other. This leads on to how we perceive the world through screens.

Throughout the project i have so far helped her with storyboarding and idea developments.


Picadilly Circus: LOCATION 1

Cabot Circus: LOCATION 2

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland: LOCATION 3

Cribbs Causeway Wonderland: LOCATION 4

Bristol Queen Square BBC Big Screen: LOCATION 5

Other locations that were considered but filming didn’t take place due ot lack of permissions,¬†impracticability and time constraints-

Filming On the millenium wheel; Filming Leiscter Square fun fair; inside Millenium dome (the o2), Filming BBC Big Screen in woolwich town square.