Reality Puzzled


Updated production schedule

UPDATED PRODUCTION SCHEDULE… Scroll down for new schedule

Previous Production schedule

Production Schedule

Week 1 -28th October Start filming the Reality Footage. By end of week one, watch through what I’ve got and begin to pick out sequences which I find interesting. Begin to search for found footage to match parts of what I’ve filmed so far.Make a solid plan for possible filming locations in week Two.
Week 2 -4th November Continue Filming, and gathering together found footage for simulation sequences
Week 3 -11th November Create Webpages in dreamweaver, with div tags in place ready to insert flash video clips straight in once they are completedBegin video editing in Adobe Premiere, leaving time, to go out and complete some more filming if needed.
Week 4- 18th November Start creating any Flash animations that i intend to implement into the website

Production Schedule Revised

Starting from week 2 having revised my idea at that point

Week 2- 4th November Idea has changed, so begin studying, Joiner Photography, Cubism. And further research around Consumption, tourism and it’s relation to hyper reality and simulation. Reading the works of Baudrilliard, Eco, Debord, Jameson and more
Week 3- 11th November Begin work on prototype, choose any subject, or environment to test Joiner Video. Begin editing footage in premiere to see how it will work.Finalise shooting locations, Possible shots and angles to experiment with.Start collection of simulation and hyper reality quotes to use as voice over for audio in film.
Week 4- 18th November Complete prototype Start filming at Bristol locationsCapture photos for background animationWeekend 22-25th complete filming at London locations.
Week 5- 25th November Film footage for other everyday scenes.Start, Foley work, recording voice oversBegin editing
Week 6- 2nd  December Continue editing
Adding audio to completed sequencesStart and finish flash backgrounds
Week 7- 9th  December Final Touches for submission Implementing Video into Dreamweaver Site, with animated flash back ground.Ensuring it all loads up quickly. Dealing with any possible slow, lagging site loading etc.