Reality Puzzled


Cabot Joiner

Having done the screen grabs for the Cabot circus footage and joining them together, having experienced difficulties with time, with the stabilizing and rendering, i have decided only to use half of the footage i initially planned to, which was over 30 individual clips for this scene. It would have meant i would have had to have 30 separate video tracks, to save time i am also cutting this scene down from 1 minute to 20 seconds.




Image below shows, video stabilizing, and rendering. I am stabilizing as i didn’t use a tripod ad a lot of my footage is quite shaky.

I’ve found that warp stabilizing a 40 second clip with roughly 2000 frames, take around half an hour. The stabilization process for my entire footage is going to take up a lot of time


This clip below depicts, be using my still image joiner and as background template in premiere, acting as a guide for where the clips should be positioned.Editing-in-premiere2

The clip below, shows a video during the analyzing process of the warp stabilizer effect.