Submission of ASSETS

Due to the my current subjects not being available and time restrictions caused by deadlines for other modules, this project has been on hold for a week or two, on short notice, so i had to ask my friend if she was willing to participate as a subject.

She is a student here at uwe, living in a small flat with two other students.
i was initially struggling with producing some questions to ask the subjects, until i read through some of the portraits in the comfort of things, doing a bit of guess work trying to figure out what type of questions must he have asked to find out these things about the people. so i worked around that, and produced some questions which i will post in another entry.

however i found once i got to my friends house, and just got to talking all the background information her material items came out without me having to refer to my question sheet. One thing i have learned from this experience though is to have the microphone on through out the interaction. before i started recording she wanted to know what exactly i was looking for, then we started just talking naturally about all the things in her room whilst i was taking pictures. When i went to start the interview afterwards, it all of a sudden became a stiff interaction, i realized i should have been recording whilst we were just chatting naturally, as a result i did not proceed with the interview because it was stiff repetition and it sounded off.

i encountered some issues with the camera loaned from the university, so alot of the shots just weren’t captured, luckily my friend had a dslr of her own, so i managed to capture a few shots on there.


This one is one of my favorite shots, it was a box with artifacts representing memories, like invitations, concert tickets badges etc

10156303_10152099075017561_1682595664_o 10150354_10152099075042561_493158766_o

This is half of a larger collage on the wall


These are records she found on a street corner in stokes croft

10148818_10152099075027561_1213885581_oThese are motiviation phrases above her desk, that inspires her when she’s doing uni work, she feels being a student is a big part of her identity


10148781_10152099075142561_1058938383_o 10148574_10152099074987561_1237257178_o 10148299_10152099075012561_667713132_o 10147940_10152099074977561_325535056_o 10147926_10152099075172561_1043096221_o 10147245_10152099075162561_995140107_o 10147103_10152099074952561_75492801_o 10146718_10152099075102561_1350592879_o 10012384_10152099074962561_1192236817_o 1624894_10152099074982561_1776210159_o


One thought on “Submission of ASSETS

  1. This term you have a very viable proposal for a project that you established early on in the semester and have already established most aspects of the form that it will take – this is a great start.

    Project seems to have now faltered a little bit because of the difficulty of finding subjects – however your submitted images look like a good start and the photographs identify some interesting aspects of your subjects belongings. There are not nearly enough here for you to select from and you should be certain that the details of each object are also clearly visible and in focus. This might mean taking a light to future shoots.
    These images certainly will need some work in photoshop before they are presentable. But this is a good start that you should press on with.

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