Progress this week, Thinking about form

In the past week and a half I have been mainly thinking about how I am going to present the web Documentary, what features is it going to have and how will they function. Before this idea was cemented I was considering fictionalizing the portraits from Daniel Millers The comfort of things, re-enacting them, turning it into an interactive comic book. But eventually decided it would be best just to carry out my own study, with real people and create a documentary. Despite this I still have the idea/visualization of interactive comic book panels stuck in my head.
Here are some of the interactive comic books that have been providing me with some inspiration for my web documentary:


This comic, uses a page turning technique with flash, I have been looking at ways to do this and have so far found one tutorial, which I will try testing out later this week.

This comic uses multiple moving layers to create a 3d effect with the images inside the comic book panels. This is a technique I aim to use for the images/videos of each subject’s portrait. In this Comic, the user rolls over the panes moving the mouse to the right hand side, and the images scroll towards the left. In each pane the different layers move towards the left at different speeds, this is what helps create the 3d effect. During this week I am going to attempt to recreate this effect in flash, using found images; I will post a blog entry tracking my progress with this.


In terms of how it will look visually, I previously intended to make an interactive photo album, using the page flip technique as aforementioned. However I feel this 3D scroll technique is more challenging and visually striking.

Instead of using the visuals of a comic book i.e. rectangular comic book panels, perhaps I could frame the 3D content in portrait frames, with the background as wall paper. This idea draws influence from Daniel Millers book ‘the comfort of things’, when writing about his outcomes and what he found of each of the thirty people in his book, he described them as portraits. So there will be this sense that the pictures and videos that I capture from each person’s domestic sphere are portrayals and depictions of their identities and lives.



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