Web Documentary research – Out Of My Window


Loading page/intro- is a video loop of a curtain, with a short description of what the documentary is about.out-of-my-window-intro

This is the profile selection page, users can either click on the windows with the charterers standing in them, to go forward, or click on a spot on the world map if they are interested in looking at a highrise profile in a specific location in the world, or they can choose from the little thumbnail faces that pops out from the bottom of the webpage. I like this chapter selection page (i imagine each profile as a chapter in a documentary/book), it is very creative giving users 3 different options to move forward.out-of-my-window-profileselection

This part of the web doc, interests me the most, it is a 360 degree panoramic view of the profiles house and their view from outside their tower block. it uses montage photography to do this, taking several images of the flat and then sticking them together. their is a possibility of me using this technique, it gives the user the sense that they are immersed in this persons world, it’s almost as though we are in the highrise flat ourselves. out-of-my-window-360

Users then have the option to click on some of the of the areas around the house and that can take them to different types of videos, some are photographic slide shows with audio and subtitles (below image), whilst some are videos with moving image.


Overall this site is perhaps one of the most interactive i have explored, clicking on a range of multimedia i.e photos, videos and audio, you can almost get lost in some of the characters profiles/lives.


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