THINKING ABOUT FORM- Exploring Documentary

What Makes Interactive Documentaries Different From Traditional Documentaries?

According to Castells (2011) traditional audio documentary audiovisual documentaries and interactive documentaries not often differentiated as the latter is seen to be a natural successor of the former.  I.e.  Audiovisual that would usually be experienced on TV or cinema, being transmitted into online forms.

the traditional documentary follows a more linear structure, where the audience follows a predetermined path i.e.  From A to B.  Whilst with interactive web docs, one can choose to go down whichever path.

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Notes From Short reading: I have completed a short reading “using the web for interactive documentary project”- Sue Johnson

This reading provides a description of how the web documentary was created.  It has proved very useful as it has provided it detailed description of how  the makers organised/formed the web doc.  It has even describe the technique that I want to make use of be my own project.

“the site uses streaming audio and navigable 360° photographs to three a ”sensurround” simulation of each prisoners environment.  While listening to each person story visitors to of site can pan up and down and around the storytellers space” (Johnson:2001)

Reference text:


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