Progress this week

What I’ve done in the past week

1.Looked at different methodologies, with ethnographical research and observation being the two key methods that I have identified. I am currently composing a blog post about this in more detail, including the pro’s and cons of me using these methods for collecting material for my project.

2.Completed/started readings on everyday& commodity culture  and the spaces of everyday:

  • The Social Life Of Things: Commodities In Cultural Perspective Edited By Arjun Appadurai
  • Interpreting Everyday Culture Edited By Fran Martin
  • The Consumer Society: Myths And Structures By Jean Baudrillard
  • The Comfort Of Things By Daniel Miller
  • The Practice Of Everyday Life By Michel Certeau

3.Commenced reading; on online narrative forms

  • ’This great mapping of ourselves new documentary forms online by John Dovey and M Rose

4. Further research on Interactive documentary/film form continued, I have bookmarked all the ones that have enticed me so far, and will set a day (Thursday 13th)  aside to capture screen shots and highlight particular features/techniques that I might be interested in learning for my own project


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