Cribbs Causeway Practise Joiner and intended shots for shoot

Practise photo joiner for cribbs location shoot2 Practise-photo-joiner-for-cribbs-location-shoot Cribbs-Joiner

ABOVE: Are practise joiners, having taken each fragment as individual shots with a long lens, then scaled them down, then pieced them together, to give me and idea of how i want to film.


BELOW: Having captured some of the zoomed fragments, i have now taken the establishing shot of the setting, and split it in Photoshop as the images below depict

Practise-Splitting-image Practise Splitting image2 Practise-Splitting-image3

Having done this i now know exactly which shots i need to shoot once i go on location on 9th December. Below i have made clear exactly what shots i am going to shoot.

Numbered-shots-1 Numbered-shots-2 Numbered-shots-3 Numbered-shots-4


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