ASSETS: NOVEMBER 21 Assessment Point

This is what I have filmed so far, If you look at my production schedule you will see a I have a whole weekend of filming planned in London.

Having filmed this i have attempted to put togethere a little practise Joiner, to see how it will work in the editing phase. Also to give me a better idea of how to film.


One thought on “ASSETS: NOVEMBER 21 Assessment Point

  1. Submission of assets
    Although your project remains fascinating ā€“ and a great combination of ideas that have lots of potential – the assets on your blog don’t yet do it justice. I’m quite sure that you won’t end up using any of the material that you posted on the 21st, mostly because it really needed to be shot with a tripod. In this respect your project is definitely behind ā€“ or at least your blog is. Despite this your production schedule, a useful addition to the submission, still looks achievable and the idea and your plan for executing it completely possible. It looks like you will have a very busy two final weeks but because your idea has real clarity I am sure you will produce something successful. Overall your blog would generally be improved with more reflection and more regular updates on your progress.

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