Project Proposal

Project Proposal

For my project I intend to produce a fragmented experimental film which will explore perspectives of the real and hyper-reality. This will be produced by filming real life, and then attempting to recreate the footage that I capture in a completely different form, by piecing together clips of found footage, this could be from TV and Film excerpts and if possible found surveillance footage, or video game footage. At this stage, I have a vague idea about what I want to film, i am considering, taking a video camera out and just start filming mundane everyday city life; it would be a challange to create an interesting simulation of the mundane.

The fragmented film will be presented in a web format. The users’ journey will begin on an index page where the users can choose which sequence of reality they would like to view. This would then lead onto, a page where the sequence of the real, is recreated in a video collage of footage found from different sources. Some of the clips will play concurrently or simultaneously, once it comes to editing the sequences, I will play around with the footage and decipher what works and what doesn’t.

At this stage, I am aiming to create four different sequences, but it all depends on how much and what type of footage I capture, and I what I am capable of creating from it.

I already had the idea in my mind to do a sort of video collage, where a sequence of videos would be split up, into a number of clips, and either play simultaneously or concurrently. However I struggled to find any theoretical concepts, which would work well with this form.  Whilst reading an article on Simulation, a quote from Jean Baudrillard’ works on simulation, interested me.

Only technology perhaps gathers together the scattered fragments of the real.

(Baudrillard 1996b: 4 Quoted in Lister et al: 2009)

From this I came up with the idea, to film the real and find a way to recreate it with other media forms such as film and television.  Also taken into consideration is the different moving image forms that can be used for the simulation sequences, use of found surveillance footage or video game footage could possibly be used as well.

A lot of studies around postmodernist simulation conclude that simulation is a form of counterfeiting the real world.

Prensky defines a simulation as a ‘counterfeit’; it may be smuggled in, unnoticed, to stand in for ‘the real thing’. That it is ‘synthetic’, by contrast, suggests only that it has been manufactured.

(Prensky: 2001 Quoted in Lister et al: 2009)

One could argue that simulacra, is in fact a whole new text, it exists in its own right. Once reality is simulated, it becomes a new morphed version of reality, not just a copy.

Production Schedule

Week 1

Start filming the Reality Footage,  By end of week one, watch through what i’ve got and begin to pickout sequences which i find interesting. Begin to search for found footage to match parts of what i’ve filmed so far.

Make a solid plan for possible filming locations in week Two.
Week 2

Continue Filming, and gathering together found footage for simulation sequences

Week 3

Create Webpages in dreamweaver, with div tags in place ready to insert flash video clips straight in once they are completed

Begin video editing in Adobe Premiere, leaving time, to go out and complete some more filming if needed.

Week 4

Start creating any Flash animations that i intend to implement into the website

Week 5, 6 & 7. TBC

  • Visualisations and sketches in previous posts 


  • Lister, Dovey, Giddings, Grant & Kelly (2009) New Media: a critical introduction (2nd edition), London: Routledge

One thought on “Project Proposal

  1. This is a compelling idea for a project. your proposal outlines your theoretical point of departure well – but is a bit thin in describing exactly what this project might look like – and exactly what you mean about recreating pieces of footage that you film.
    Perhaps the most compelling image is the very fragmented almost cubist like image in one of your other posts. Where did this originate from? How does it relate to your proposal? Will your project look like this?

    There are a number of challenges here – and this is perhaps the first one, but you also need to think about how you would technically realise this project and very quickly make a technical prototype – in Flash or whatever else you might choose to use. I
    think this also might help you resolve these gaps in the proposal and also realise the potential of the project.

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