Exploring Simulation

After struggling for weeks on finding a topic that interests me enough to inspire my web collage, i’ve found inspiration through Jean Baudrillard and his studies around postmodernist simulation.

Only technology perhaps gathers together the scattered fragments of the real.
                                                                                              (Baudrillard 1996b: 4)

This quote provided me with some inspiration for my current project idea, to take reality, and then break it down and then recreate it using another media form, in this case video footage.

For my project, I plan to film everyday life, and then attempt to simulate it using found footage.

Each simulated sequence will, be fragmented, into sepereate clips, spread across a webpage in different sizes, at this moment I can’t confirm whether or not they will play cocurrently or simulatenously, this is something I would like to experiment with during the production stage.


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